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Car insurance price rise: how much more will I pay - and why?

Car insurance costs could rise for some drivers by as much as £1,000 per year thanks to a change in the way in which compensation for accident victims is to be calculated.The change - announced by the Ministry of Justice - took insurers by surprise, causing their share prices to tumble. Investors feared their profits could fall as a result.

Car insurance firms hike premiums even for drivers not at fault in a crash

Car insurance firms are hiking premiums by more than a third even for drivers not at fault in a crash.An undercover investigation found one big insurer increased its quote by a staggering 39 per cent after a claim in which the driver was blameless.

UK: Driverless car owners will need 'two-in-one' insurance policies under new Government plans

The arrival of self-driving cars will see motorists required to take out dual insurance policies in case their car spins out of control, the Government is due to announce.

Auto insurance rates rising at fastest rate in almost 13 years

Americans are driving more, thanks to rising employment and cheaper gasoline. But that also means they're getting into more accidents — and that's leading to higher insurance rates.

Virtual reception of the director of the Fund

Virtual reception of the director of the Fund

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